Closing Four Websites in 2017

I’m closing four websites this year. Maybe more. I’ve written before about how important downsizing is to me. This takes on more importance as I’ve realized my life-expectancy is most likely only another twenty years.

Closing Four More Websites

Only twenty more years! How can that be? I’ve been alive over sixty years now, and recently my mother passed away, less than one month shy of her 86th birthday. Strange enough, her mother (my grandmother) also passed away less than one month shy of her 86th birthday. Therefore, I see my life expectancy clearly. I’ve researched my ancestry and discovered most of my ancestors passed away in their eighties. I might as well get ready for my turn.

I’ve spent a lot of years in training, and a lot of years building my online business. Now it is time to finish my projects and make a plan for the writing I’ve done, online and off. I’ve decided to place my articles into books, to be preserved, hopefully, on Amazon and in print. As I do this I’ll be closing certain websites.

I also am losing interest in kicking dead horses. In other words – why do I try so hard to preserve websites that don’t work? If a website doesn’t get enough traffic to support itself effectively, I’m going to evaluate it as low priority. I have a few websites I’m keeping even though they have low traffic, because I have a special purpose for them. But most of my low-traffic websites can be taken offline at this time – and I won’t miss them. I’ve already removed over twenty domain names from my holdings and I anticipate removing another four domain names this year.

Surprising to me – I don’t miss the domains I’ve given up on. Since I moved to Idaho in 2013 I’ve divested myself of over 20 domains, and most of them, I don’t even remember at this point. How cool is that? I’m just overjoyed that what was once important to me, now, is nothing. The four sites I’m closing this year all get less than 100 hits per month. I don’t need them and can incorporate much of that content into other general-interest sites I’ve got traffic on. So that’s the main change I’m looking forward to this year.

Letting go is an important concept. We need the joy of letting go, to make more time and room in our lives for things that do work out well for us.

The websites that are going away this year are Lifesong Press, Halloween Road, Perspectives on Writing, and Write Web Now. Closely following, I may also delete Cool Gadgets for Gifts because I just don’t want to spend the time to build the site. I’m still thinking about that one.

Where I'd Rather Be
I’d rather be there than sitting in front of my computer.

Here’s the reality. I would rather be in the mountains. Walking in the wilderness. I’d rather be part of nature than a captive in an office typing on a computer. I still love to write, but I want to write about nature. I think I’ll be a travel writer now. My Journey! California site should get new articles this year. Also, Bennachti, where I can write about places that are not so Californian.

Anyhow, that’s the plan. I want to focus my work hours on sites that work for me, not on sites that waste my time.

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