You are welcome to contact me by leaving a comment on any page of this site. I used to have a contact form here but because of comment form spam, I had to delete it.

If you want your comment to be private, say that in the message.

Comments are never posted publicly on this site (or any of my sites) until after they have been read and approved individually by me. This is how I keep spam off my sites.

I will be happy to hear from you so long as it is a cheery, friendly personal note and not spam.

Spam includes business requests from SEO’s or webdesigners, or anything like that. Spam comments are usually sent to the spam box and I never read them, so don’t bother posting them. I also don’t respond to link exchange requests.

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  1. mike horman says:

    Dear Ms. Martin / Linda

    Thank you for standing up and creating the web-site I am a huge huge fan of and why Please share to your viewers about gas lighting & gang stalking…it’s the ingredients that will take you down or make you fight. Your readers need a history lesson and the above site will help see.

    God has already blessed you because you are blessing others.

    Thank you

  2. Linda Martin says:

    Thanks Mike, I will look into the other sites. Thanks for the leads.

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