I’m a Page Mover Now

Walk the WalkIt is a long story. I might as well start at the beginning. I’m currently moving pages from HubPages to one of my own sites.

In 2006 I discovered a website called Squidoo. It was a content site, meaning people could write about almost anything they wanted to discuss. Within a few months, I was hooked on it, and produced hundreds of web pages for the site, and earned tens of thousands of dollars from that site over the course of the next seven or eight years. Thank you, Squidoo.

Fast forward to 2013. The Squidoo site started to fail at the end of 2011. Some “Squidoo Lensmasters” became hyper-critical of management. The site’s search engine rankings kept falling, falling, falling . . . and the complainers made the situation painful for management.

By October 2013 Squidoo was history. All the content pages had been transferred to another content writing site – HubPages. My pages went with them – and so now I have two accounts there.

1. LindaJM – an account I started years ago to see what the HubPages site was like. I have about thirty pages on that account.

2. Linda BookLady – the account that opened when all my Squidoo pages were transferred in 2013.

HubPages is profitable for me, but not nearly as profitable as Squidoo was. Still, it is worth an effort to continue developing and improving my content there.

Unfortunately, some of my pages are not thriving there. They either don’t meet the stringent site rules, or are not getting enough traffic there. Those are the pages I’m currently moving to other sites I’ve established on the internet.

I’ve got a goal for 2015: Move all pages that aren’t doing well on HubPages to other sites. That should keep me busy!

Right now I’m developing a new website, Bennachti.Com – a web magazine for women. There will be articles on all aspects of life that women are generally interested in… anything from business, to social media, relationships, family life, food, pets, and homemaking. Things like that. Plus my trademark book reviews, and movie reviews.

A lot of my Hubs will be transferred there. So far, I’ve transferred only four of them. I have a long way to go. Much work to do.

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