Welcome to the Online Office for LJ Martin Web

Welcome to my office. I work online so I have an online office, and it appears that you found my quiet alcove on the web. You are welcome to look around and see whatever it is I keep here in my public office space.

Linda Jo Martin of LJ Martin Web
A recent photo of me while making a video.
In the side columns are links to almost all my web properties. I am constantly developing them. My blogging projects are listed in the left-side column here along with YouTube channels and HubPages accounts. My social media links are in the right-side column. As you can see, there are a lot of links because in the twenty years I’ve been using the internet, I’ve done a lot of things, started a lot of projects, and have not cut back as much as I probably need to!

Favorite Current Projects

Right now I’m working on setting up a gift website and am developing a web magazine for women called Bennachti: Useful Ideas for a Blessed Life.

Though I’ve had blogs for many reasons over the years, I’m focused on setting up a residual income to see me through my senior years. I’m doing that with affiliate marketing.

I also have a YouTube channel I’m very fond of, called Book Lady: Books, Health, and Happiness. Please Subscribe (yes, make my day!)

My Original Blog

I still write on my first-ever blog, Linda’s Life. Sometimes I don’t write much, but I always try to put something there as a record of my life, thoughts, and activities.

History of LJ Martin Web

I started blogging in the year 2000 before I knew anything about blogging protocols. I started with plain HTML… then graduated to Blogger.com in 2001. I still use some of my original Blogger.com blogs; they are linked in the left-side column here.

My primary web project all these years is one dear to my heart – an activist site called FightCPS where I try to comfort and help families traumatized by unjust separations from their children. I continue to work on that to this day. It is something I feel strongly about. Unless there is real abuse going on, children need to be with their parents. There are ways for the state to help without destroying the families. Families are the bedrock of American culture and when they are broken by overzealous child protection practices, it weakens the fabric of the entire country.

Another web project started in 2005 – Bigfoot Sightings. Yes, it may seem odd, but consider my situation. I was living in a tiny town in the center of a big forest in Northern California, and there were five reports of Bigfoot sightings within a mile of the cabin I lived in. I wanted to know more! Thus, I became a Bigfoot researcher though I’ve never seen one.

As much as I love these two projects, they do not bring in enough cold hard cash for me to live comfortably, and I very much need to focus my efforts on income production. I need a car! As of 2016 I have lived for two and 1/2 years in Idaho without a car. There’s just not any room in my budget to afford one. So I must turn my mind to affiliate marketing, outside of these two niches I’ve enjoyed for so long.